UIC excellence in standardisation awards

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General information

Standardisation has played a key role and must be increasingly considered as a core element in developing the business model of the railways of tomorrow. The IRSs that are produced by the UIC (the same as the Leaflets that they are replacing) play a key role in this evolution and make a strong contribution to economic development, the innovation of mobility as a service and in building common rules for the good of the interoperable, efficient and attractive railways of tomorrow.

Context and purpose

Through these awards, it is the UIC’s objective to support and promote excellence in user-friendly, business-sensitive documents that support the efficiency of railway operations including new IRS and/or the migration from Leaflets to IRSs:

  • Development of this process of migration
  • The cooperation between forum/platform/department and working groups
  • The international cooperation between stakeholder companies
  • The promotion and attraction of leading experts from different countries
  • Recognition of the work undertaken by the experts their willing involvement
  • Importance of standardisation for railway operations


1. Forums and Platforms and their Working groups
2. Working with external partners
3. Excellence in the evolution of the railway system


  • Proficiently developed
  • Standardisation interfaces
  • Innovative with value-added
  • Business oriented

Awards rules


- PDF - 780.7 kb


IRS published (january 2019-january 2021)


- PDF - 180.2 kb



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Monday 6 April 2020