UIC Start-Up Lab

UIC, the international railway organisation, aims at developing synergies between the worldwide digital ecosystem and the railway community through the digital platform.

The interconnection of people and objects across the Internet weaves a close connection between the real world and the digital world, causing structural changes in relation to our environment.
Through its new challenges, the digital world connects companies with their customers, staff and ecosystem.

The UIC Digital Platform fosters innovation and helps members to connect with the digital community and to provide customers with better, safer, cheaper and more attractive rail transport services.

We want to bring to life and develop a dedicated pool of start-ups working around the railway and make it a place of exchange between the rail sector and start-ups.
Consequently, we would be thankful if you could fill in this questionnaire so that we can better understand your needs and expectations.


More about you
What type of railway network support are you looking for?

1 = not very important ... 5 = extremely important

What do you need for technical implementation?

1 = not very important ... 5 = extremely important

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Thursday 3 May 2018