UIC sustainable door-to-door solutions - Questionnaire

UIC Members’ input

In 2018, the UIC Sustainable Mobility Expert Network launched the global project “Passenger railways and sustainable door-to-door solutions”.

The goal was to define a new mobility offer, developing a methodology and a policy framework, based on collective experience of members and stakeholders, to address passengers’ satisfaction for a sustainable door-to-door mobility focusing on accommodating, new, innovative, disruptive and sustainable mobility and technologies.

After a fruitful year of work with a successful 1st workshop in Warsaw, Poland, in November 2018 and the finalization of the preliminary report in 2019, that we encourage you to dive into, UIC stepped into the 2nd phase of the project: engaging key stakeholders and gather best practices in 2019 with a dedicated questionnaire.

The ability to request, track and pay for travel on mobile devices is changing the way people move and interact with mobility services.

Digitalization is the core of this revolution and we currently have new instruments to improve the entire door-to-door journey in order to encourage and enable more people to choose sustainable transport for the whole journey.

The App-based shared mobility services, for example, as bikesharing, carpooling or carsharing allow using a personal vehicle, not owned, and offer new travel solutions. These new modes increase the use of traditional shared modes as railways or public transit as the backbone of an integrated, multimodal transportation system.

For those who offer mobility services, such as railway companies, this new transport demand and this technical improvement is a great opportunity to expand their market share and play a key role in organizing and offering new multimodal services, while also, at the same time, pursuing sustainability goals.

In order to reduce the use of less sustainable modes, to expand the usage of traditional and new shared modes promote a resource efficient, socially inclusive and low emissions transport system.

Aim of the UIC Door-to-Door Project

The UIC Door-to-Door project will develop a guideline, based on collective experience of UIC members, railway sector stakeholder and experts of sustainable mobility to define door-to-door mobility features with a focus on accommodating new, innovative, disruptive and sustainable mobility and technologies in order to achieve passengers’ satisfaction. The final output will be a document “UIC Door-to-Door Solutions – Guidelines for railway” addressed to Railway Operators, Infrastructure Managers/station Managers.

Aim of the Engagement phase

The main purpose of this phase of the project is to collect and analyze all types of cost effective modal and service integration best practices, as well as all relevant examples of implementation of technologies, services and business models showing efficient or promising results in terms of modal shift from private car to railway. The Project will focus on innovative solutions involving new shared-use mobility services, current business models and public-private partnerships, public policies and relationships with authorities building upon and/or implementing new digital technologies (MaaS platforms, Internet of Mobility, etc.).

Aim of this interview

The aim is to collect best practices and case studies from people who work in the implementation of sustainable mobility innovations as Door-2-Door solutions in the transport sector, especially the ones with a positive and estimated environmental impact.
We propose open-ended question that we ask you to enrich with examples, best practice, link to web page, etc. related to three different issues addressed in the Preliminary Report (attached to the email):
Area of Intervention, Strategies, Policies and measures enhanced by public authorities.

The fastest and easiest way to fill the questionnaire:

First of all: thank you for your precious contribution!

If you want to spend more time with us (or you don’t have time enough to fill up the entire questionnaire) , we will be happy to organize a call. Please contact philippe@uic.org

2. Sector: Railway operator | Infrastructure/Station Manager or other mobility experts

You can upload documents here to support your inputs or if you wish to answer to the above questions in another format. E.g: reports, brochures, etc.

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Tuesday 5 May 2020