Currently, different telematic projects in railway have to face the mapping issues. Especially for some applications based on geolocalisation, such as geofencing.

It is necessary to match dynamic GPS positioning (e.g. of a wagon) with network objects (e.g. private sidings in order to alert the customer on imminent arrival).

Assets developed by UIC, its members and partners are:

  • NHM (commodity coding used in Consignment Notes used for operations and tariffication), UIC assures its alignment and usability for the rail sector.
  • DIUM (Uniform Distance Table for International Freight Traffic), location coding and updates of EU subsidiary location coding (SLC) for rail freight operation points. DIUM which comprises of various key data concerning international rail freight transport used by railway undertakings and customers to complete the CIM consignment note/CUV wagon note to calculate the tax payable on a journey, as well as other helpful commercial and/or technical information for these journeys. Allocated and maintained by UIC exclusively in the Central Reference Database (CRD).
  • Border Point Coding (unique identification of border points between national and/or Infrastructure borders to be used in consignment note and Train Composition Message (TCM) data).

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Wednesday 11 May 2022