Sabotage, Intrusions, Attacks (SIA)

UIC sabotage, intrusions and attacks working group (WG SIA)

Chaired by Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany)

This WG was created in November 2017 to address the topics sabotage, intrusions and attacks regarding to the railway infrastructure.

The group aims to facilitate collaboration aimed at mitigating risks and bolstering the resilience of railways against potential attacks. Its objectives include the analysis of potential threats and vulnerabilities, exploration of measures to enhance resilience and secure railway operations, assessment of potential overlaps with other Working Groups and collaborative efforts to strengthen security measures for railway infrastructure.

In a recent development, the April 2024 meeting of the WG was convened to discuss the matters concerning metal theft, reflecting on recurrent security challenges in that sphere. As a result of this discussion, an upcoming deliverable within this thematic scope is for completion by December 2024.

If you are a member of UIC and you want to join the working group, please contact

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Tuesday 4 December 2018