Combined Transport Group

The Combined Transport Group (CTG) is a statutory Special Group of the UIC, constituted of RUs, with the specific mission of proactively promoting their common goals and interests in the perspective of the development of Combined Transport (CT) in Europe. The CTG represents the interests of Combined Transport Railways, expressing to the outside world (market players, political authorities, infrastructure managers, other professional associations…) their needs, concerns and vision. The CTG is, to that purpose, the common professional platform where otherwise competing RUs co-operate on issues of common interest facilitating the development of CT. Price negotiations are excluded from the co-operation in the framework of the CTG.

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The purpose of the CTG is to develop cooperation at international and Community level between Railway Undertakings with a view to advancing and promoting intermodal techniques and making them reliable, competitive and better-suited to the requirements of the market and the environment.

To this end, the CTG shall implement and coordinate discussions and joint actions in the field of combined transport by carrying out any necessary studies, taking any necessary decisions and initiating any necessary actions in the following areas:

  • productivity improvements
  • communication
  • business facilitation
  • market knowledge

Work plan

The CTG is organised around the following Competence Platforms: Market Experts - Operations - Infrastructure. Its workplan 2012 - 2015 is articulated as follows.


  • Development of common industry practice in customer management in order to reward planning stability and penalize volatility
  • Integrated planning along the value chain for greater productivity
  • Closer integration of terminals in the chain
  • Train dimensions and masses: long/heavy trains: How to achieve this goal for combined transport?
  • Wagons: technology, productivity, management

Institutional issues and communication

  • Positioning Combined transport in the Freight Debate including in the “debate” on freight corridors
  • Dialogue with the IMs about the specific needs of CT
  • Defining and Strengthening the CTG communication: channels and means
  • Strengthening of the cooperation with the other CT main actors through INTERUNIT
  • Acquisition of new members

Business facilitation

  • Electronic consignment note for CT: implementation of the pilot projects, later extension
  • Monitoring evolution of USE-IT at Raildata for a period of 3 years
  • Quality: review of the structure of the quality contracts, how to establish a link with the IMs in this regard
  • Concentrated loads: still causing problems, how to increase the awareness of the other actors and enforce the existing relevant loading rules
  • Safety issues between the actors of the logistic chain

Market knowledge and statistics

  • Impact of growing port hinterland traffic
  • Monitoring trends in combined transport (issue a report every other year)


The GTC members are:


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Benefits of the Combined Transport

Combined Transport section (Benefits)

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