UIC accidents at work database

The purpose of the accidents at work database

Measurement of occupational safety performance can be achieved through the creation and management of a database of accidents at work.

The UIC Occupational Health and Safety Group (OHSG) proposed a methodology to implement and develop a UIC database for accidents at work dedicated to European UIC members; both Infrastructure Managers (IM) and Railway Undertakings (RU). For these purposes train operators who also operate stations were classified as RU rather than both RU and IM.

Compiling statistics in relation to accidents at work can help the companies to manage the prevention of occupational safety risks. In particular the data collected can help companies to:

  • better evaluate the occupational safety performance of railway activities;
  • prioritise actions to improve their workplaces;
  • identify and share good practices;
  • improve their processes and make them more efficient, delivering economic benefits.

For more details click on the link below to the document “Accidents at work – methodology 2015”

Collection of european railway companies’ accidents at work data

In 2015 first edition of the report from the database of accidents at work was issued. This was based on the contributions received from 23 companies across 12 countries. The list of the participating railway companies is as follows:

Railway CompanyNationalityTypeActivity
CDCZRUPassenger transport operator
CFLLUIM and RUIntegrated company (infrastructure + transport)
CFR-SAROIMInfrastructure Manager
CFR CALATORIRORUPassenger transport operator
CPPTRUPassenger and freight transport operator
GTRUKRUPassenger transport operator
HZ InfraHRIMInfrastructure Manager
INFRABELBEIMInfrastructure Manager
Network RailGBIMInfrastructure Manager
PKP CARGOPLRUFreight transport operator
PKP PLKPLIMInfrastructure Manager
PKP SKMPLIM and RUIntegrated company (infrastructure + transport)
RENFE OPERADORAESRUPassenger and freight transport operator
RFIITIMInfrastructure Manager
SBB CFF FFSCHIM and RUIntegrated company (infrastructure + transport)
SNCFFRIM and RUIntegrated company (infrastructure + transport)
SOUTHEASTERNUKRUPassenger transport operator
TCDDTRIM and RUIntegrated company (infrastructure + transport)
TRENITALIAITRUPassenger and freight transport operator
ZSRSKIMInfrastructure Manager
ZSSKSKRUPassenger transport operator
ZSSK CARGOSKRUFreight transport operator

The data from all 23 participating railway companies has been collated and shared between those companies as a spreadsheet showing company identities and nationalities.

The full report is only available to participating companies.

The information received allows comparison of occupational safety performances and can be used for benchmarking accidents at work performance for all railway companies.

The useful indicators are the Incidence rate (number of accidents at work every 1000 workers) and Severity rate (number of days lost every 1000 workers); these indicators allows to compare the performances of different companies or the performance of the same company in different periods as the rates are independent from the number of workers.

Moreover we can use the received information to calculate the overall trend of all companies that contributed to provide their data through the Global Incidence Rate and Global Severity Rate.

You can see the trend of the rates in 2012 to 2014.

Global incidence rate [1]18,717.817
Global severity rate [2]790806759

Instructions for participating in data provision to uic of the accidents at work data

Before the end of February each year, UIC will issue a questionnaire – see the linked file "Accidents at Work Data Request" below – to the persons responsible for collation of work accident data in each European UIC member.

The deadline for completing the spreadsheet and sending the file to UIC is fixed at 31 May each year. The complete report will be published for the UIC Plenary meeting in October/November of the same year and made available only to companies providing UIC with their data sets.

If your Railway Company is interested in participating or would like more information please contact Olivier Georger at UIC: georger@uic.org

If you have any questions on issues of methodology please contact Riccardo Trillini: r.trillini@trenitalia.it

[1Global incidence rate = (N° accidents at work Company 1 + N° accidence at work Company 2 + …. + N° accidence at work Company n) x 1000 / (Average staff headcount Company 1 + Average staff headcount Company 2 + … + Average staff headcount Company n)

[2Global severity rate = (N° days lost Company 1 + N° days lost Company 2 + …. + N° days lost Company n) x 1000 / (Average staff headcount Company 1 + Average staff headcount Company 2 + … + Average staff headcount Company n)