Wednesday 3 November 2021

Alstom video collaboration

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UIC has partnered with UITP and Alstom to communicate a powerful message about rail and public transport as an important solution to climate change, ‘Design a better future’. This dramatic and inspiring new video is to be screened in the Action Hub at COP26 in Glasgow on Thursday 11 November at 10 am local time (GMT). The film both highlights the critical importance of a shift to more sustainable mobility and brings to life the new UIC 2030 vision, setting out how the way we move will transform and change our lives for the better.

Watch the video:

The collaboration brings the Alstom and UIC together with a common goal and vision for a better future. All of the organisations and members represented have the firm belief that we must halt the rising emissions from transport within this decade.

Today, a quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from transport, be that movement of people or goods. Emissions from transport have continued to increase at pace and there is little sign of that slowing down any time soon. With the national plans announced so far, this trend will only continue and emissions will double by 2050 instead of reaching net zero. Rail is the only mode of motorised transport to have peaked in terms of emissions and to have begun reducing total carbon.

As was made clear at the opening of COP, the only way to half emissions this decade is to make rail, linked to other public transport, the backbone of a sustainable mobility system.

You can livestream and keep up to date with COP26 events that UIC is participating in here.

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