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UIC at COP26 / Glasgow

30 October - 12 November

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Rail can transform our cities and territories by 2030 – we must increase our use of trains for passengers and goods by 50% and double our high-speed rail network.

UIC is calling for a paradigm shift in transport based on the United Nations strategy – avoid, shift, improve – in order to design a better future

UIC Chairman statement to COP26

UIC is participating in the 26th Conference of Parties (COP) in Glasgow, the UK. The Conference of Parties will take place under the Presidency of the Government of the UK from 31 October - 12 November 2021. UIC is accredited by the United Nations as a recognised organisation, to participate in major global events such as COP.

Please watch the video to hear Mr Krzysztof Mamiński, UIC Chairman & CEO of PKP (Polish State Railways) messages for the COP26.

COP26 - UIC’s programme

Dates - Time (UK) Events Details Location Communication Activities
30 October Rail to the COP RailtotheCOP {PNG} UIC leading on board workshops (service from ProRail, NS, SNCF, HS1, Eurostar, Avanti) Amsterdam & Paris to Glasgow
4 November (13:00-14:00) Fossil free and Circular European Railways Fringe Event (UIC with NS & ProRail) How to make the greenest collective mobility even greener showcases from our Dutch members, ProRail and Dutch Railways (NS) Viva Rail (Battery) train Glasgow Central Station The train took local stakeholders and #COP delegates on a trip around Glasgow while we discussed the innovations in phasing out diesel and #circulareconomy in railways.
4 November (17:00-18:30) African Railway Green Deal for sustainable mobility Organised by ONCF Moroccan Pavillon - COP26
  • African Railway Green Deal for Sustainable Mobility and Sustainable Railways Africa
  • Social Media link
  • 9 November (10:30-13:30) Shifting Gears: The Global Public transport fireside chats Fringe Event – guided conversations (UIC, UITP) Hydroflex (Hydrogen) train Glasgow Central Station Social Media Link
    9 November (15:00-16:15) Sustainable mobility and just recovery: Radical collaboration for a sustainable mobility transformation UIC, UITP, SLOCAT, & Asociación Civil Sustentar para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Sustentar) Blue Zone, Clyde Auditorium (175 pax) YouTube link
    10 November (12:00-14:00) Think Rail First PDF London North Eastern Railway (LNER) National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland Social Media link
    10 November (13:00-15:45) Marrakesh Partnership Global Climate Action Transport Thematic day Francois Davenne in Panel 2 - The Transition to Greater Transport Resilience and COVID-19 Recovery Action Room 1 - Blue Zone, Hydro (70 pax)
  • Watch online
  • Social Media Link
  • 10 November (14:00-15:30) Decarbonising Freight Transport- engaging business Hosted by Smart Freight Centre, with BSR, WEF and We Mean Business Coalition. Business Pavilion for Climate Leadership The Climate Pledge Theatre / We Mean Business Pavillion Watch online
    11 November (10:00-10:30) Get on Board: the shift to rail and public transport Fireside chat (UIC, UITP) Blue Zone, Action Hub amphitheater
  • Watch online
  • Social media link
  • 12 November (16:00-17:00) A green mobility and transport system at the service of carbon neutral EU local communities Side Event - Video and panel event (UIC, ERA, CER, UITP) – 2x videos Blue Zone, EU Pavilion (25 pax hybrid)

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    train travel must double to 20% by 2050 to achieve net zero emissions {PNG}
    Trains require on average 12 times less energy than private vehicles and airplanes {PNG}
    Trains account for 10% global mobility but only 0.3% of direct GHG emissions {PNG}
    1 train takes 76 lorries off the road {PNG}
    1 train takes 500 cars off the road {PNG}
    Trains are the only mode to have reduced emissions {PNG}
    Rail at the service of communities, keeping moving during times of crisis {PNG}
    Lifetime of trains is 4 times longer than cars {PNG}
    Trains are the leaders in electric mobility ¾ of all train passenger trips and ½ freight are electri {PNG}
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    Wednesday 27 October 2021