Tuesday 13 February 2024

Call for expressions of interest: “Buy Quiet to Be Quiet - Tackling the Noise of Parked Trains”

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UIC is taking proactive steps to address issues with noise pollution caused by parked trains. Despite regulatory measures being in place for trains at a standstill, parked trains remain a significant source of noise disturbance for communities.

In the latest UIC report, “Noise from parked and stationary trains: Analysis of operational and technical solutions”, sector stakeholders underscore the importance of a collaborative effort to reduce noise from parked trains. Consequently, a platform is required to bring together interested parties in an open forum, to foster discussions and to facilitate the exchange of ideas. To respond to this need, UIC is preparing to host a special in-person event for rolling stock manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, and railway operators to jointly research and implement effective noise mitigation solutions for parked trains.

Highlights of what is to come:

  • Drive: Spark open discussions among stakeholders to identify and implement effective noise-reducing solutions.
  • Aim: Increase awareness of the noise-related challenges faced by undertakings and communicate with suppliers about technical possibilities for noise reduction. Encourages meaningful discussions and collaboration to explore innovative solutions for minimising noise from parked trains.
  • Target audience: Participants from railway undertakings, rolling stock manufacturers, and technical component subcontracting suppliers.
  • Date and location: Want to be part of the upcoming event? UIC will share details with interested parties once they have registered their interest with the form below.
    Sign up now at https://uic.org/events/buy-quiet-to-be-quiet#Registration.
  • Type of event: Become involved in an informal knowledge exchange platform, harmonising ideas in an atmosphere conducive to creativity. Two sessions will be held:
    • Operators: Presenting the status quo and issues related to noise from parked trains.
    • Suppliers/Subcontractors: Showcasing both existing and innovative technical solutions, for noise reduction.

Engage in deliberations on the pros and cons of the solutions presented, factors to consider when selecting components (maintainability, impact on lifespan, costs, etc.), and the potential for collaborative opportunities.

Join the discussion:

Contribute to shaping a quieter and more sustainable future for railways. Your participation will help transform ideas into action. Let’s collectively work together towards quieter railways!

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For further information, please contact noisevibration@uic.org

or Pinar Yilmazer at yilmazer@uic.org

and visit our website at https://uic.org/events/buy-quiet-to-be-quiet.

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