Thursday 13 October 2022


The 5th Training on Commuter and Regional Train Services will be held at UIC Headquarters in Paris on 26 to 28 October 2022. Registration is still open until 20 October.

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After two years of working virtually, the UIC Passenger Department is delighted to run this training course in-person again after a three year hiatus.

Why should you take part?

UIC CRTS training sessions are not only a chance to expand your international network by talking to other participants during the breaks, lunches and social events, but also an exceptional opportunity to gain an overview of the main challenges relating to commuter and regional trains. This is all thanks to the inspiring lectures of more than 20 high level railway experts that will take place, with the speakers presenting their international perspectives from countries such as Japan, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, the USA and China.

Who should attend?

  • The seminar is targeted at anyone interested in acquiring a comprehensive overview of the commuter and regional train systems.
  • High level managers are especially invited in order to refresh their knowledge, to network, and get an overview of different scenarios from around the world.
  • No previous in-depth knowledge of any specific commuter and regional train systems or subjects is required, so it could be a good opportunity for gaining a general overview of these services, from different perspectives such as from railway undertakings, the industry, governments, and other rail stakeholders.
  • Attending ALL of the sessions is mandatory and every participant will receive a certificate.

What’s on the programme?

The first day, 26 October, and the morning of the second day, 27 October will see keynote speeches from experts on different issues like planning, infrastructure, legal frameworks, digitalisation, and customer experience on commuter and regional services.

The afternoon of the second day, 27 October will be dedicated to an innovative and dynamic session organised by the EELISA HEAR Community with students from Parisian universities and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, to discuss future solutions on improving the appeal of railways to younger generations.

On 28 October, the final day, attendees will participate in a workshop on the same topic as the previous session, in cooperation with universities and members of other UIC groups in the context of “the Cool Rail Project”. More info at

How can you join in?

To check out the UIC CRTS training programme and who the speakers will be please visit and register by 20 October.

For further information, please contact Vanessa Pérez, Senior Advisor, Passenger Department, at

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