Monday 28 November 2022

Registration for the 18th UIC World Security Congress in India is open

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For the eighteenth time, experts and railway partners from all over the world will gather in one place to discuss how we can make railways even more secure, resilient and attractive to customers. The next UIC World Security Congress will be held in Jaipur, India, from 20 to 23 February, focusing on the topic: “Railway Security Strategy: Responses and Vision for the Future”.

The event will feature four thematic panels on broadly understood security strategies. The first session, on protecting critical assets and freight, will concentrate on critical asset protection, modern tools and freight security processes. The second thematic session, on the approach to human security, will cover topics such as improving passenger security, protecting women and children, managing crowds, and combating human trafficking and narcotics smuggling. The third session will focus on the world’s best railway security tools and practices. The fourth session, Vision 2030, will feature experts discussing the prevention and mitigation of terror attacks (both physical and cyber), the security of high-speed rail, and future challenges and responses.

The congress will also provide an opportunity to experience traditional Indian hospitality and discover the picturesque town of Jaipur, while experiencing exceptional cultural attractions.

More information about the congress can be found on the website at this address:

The event is open to all UIC members, including railway security experts, railway company representatives, infrastructure managers and external relevant parties such as representatives from authorities, practitioners, trainers, researchers or academics.

We kindly ask you to register by 20 December 2022, in order to complete the formalities related to visa procedures.

If you would like to register for the conference, give a speech on the topics mentioned above, or receive more information about the event, please contact UIC Security Division at


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