Tuesday 6 December 2022

UIC Security Platform: virtual meetings to discuss important topics

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The UIC Security Platform recently held two online meetings, one for the New Technologies and Security Working Group on 30 November, and the other for the Strategy and Regulations Working Group on 2 December 2022.

More than 30 railway security experts from around the world took part at the first meeting, where the focus was on crowd management technologies.

Miroslav Vojtek (SZCZ), the working group’s Chair, started the meeting by presenting the Czech national railway infrastructure manager Správa železnic’s security organisation and then went onto the working group’s work programme for 2023-2025.

Marie-Hélène Bonneau, Head of the UIC Security Division, gave an update on the Security Platform activities, the security-related tools available for members, and its ongoing projects.

Daria Kardel from the Security Division presented the results of the Network of Quick Responders on Crowd Management survey, which was conducted in May 2022. 75% of the respondents were interested in further work regarding crowd management, and the meeting was a follow-on from this. Analysis of the questionnaire as well as over 100 security measures is available on the Rail Security Hub (https://railsecurityhub.org/).

During the meeting, members shared their experiences regarding the technologies used in crowd management:

Miroslav Vojtek gave a presentation on camera, device and infrared-based technology to supervise the movement of people, and on pilot projects within Správa železnic.

Chokka Raghuveer from the Indian Railway Protection Force gave an overview of crowd management on the Indian Railways.

Jeffrey Vosselman and Tom Dhont from SNCB described crowd management measures and innovative solutions used in Belgium, such as a mobile app which helps balance the passenger distribution onboard trains.

The next meeting will be jointly organised with the New Technologies and Sabotage, and Intrusion and Attack Working Groups in January 2023 with a focus on CCTV implementation strategies.

The second meeting on 2 December was an online Security, Strategy, and Regulations meeting with 14 participants from railway companies and organisations from around the world discussing how to ensure complete security on international railway networks and, in particular, on cross-border trains.

Delphine Beatse (SNCB), the working group’s Chair, presented the results of a survey on the rail staff authority (security staff but also controllers and train managers) in cross-border trains. Members discussed the need to implement bilateral agreements between states to allow railway undertaking staff to accompany cross-border trains to their end destination while retaining at least a minimal amount of authority across all of the countries covered by the journey.

Fatiha Abbes Orabi from SNCB gave a presentation on the Public Service Obligation (PSO), which was followed by a discussion among members on the negotiation of security aspects under the PSO in their countries.

Blaž Pongračič from CER presented updates on new NIS 2 directive legislation to strengthen cybersecurity and resilience across the European Union.

The date of the working group’s next meeting will be decided on in the near future.

Marie-Hélène Bonneau (UIC) concluded both meetings by inviting all members to the World Security Congress, which is being jointly organised by UIC and the Railway Protection Force and will be held in Jaipur, India, on 20-23 February 2023.

For anyone who is interested in participating in the conference, please contact the UIC Security Division. More details are also available on the official website via: https://uic.org/events/18th-uic-world-security-congress

Please note that registration must be completed before 20 December so that visa applications can be formalised.

One of the outcomes from both working group meetings was that the importance of synergies between working groups and the valuable input from members was highlighted. UIC members are always welcome to join one or both working groups.

To become a member or for further information on the working groups, please contact the Security Division: security@uic.org

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