African Railway Thursdays - 1st Digital Webinar – 1st October 2020

RAME and UIC meet during a virtual seminar to discuss international corridor operations

The PROACTIVE EU project held its first public civil society workshop on 1 October 2020

6th edition of UIC World Congress on Rail Training: “Unite, Inspire, Connect”

Call for abstracts at is now open!

Antwerp/Rotterdam: DB Cargo to connect ports at Rotterdam and Antwerp with Europe’s economic hubs

Register Now: Online Workshop on the Use of High-accuracy Coordinate Track Adjustment Systems for Greater Efficiency of Existing Infrastructure

29 October 2020, 8:00 to 11:00 am, Paris time

IRSC 2020 Webinar Series

UIC at Joint UN-OTIF meeting: RID and Transport of Dangerous Goods

EU SHERPA project: third international training session on terrorism threats and awareness held online on 30 September

Austria: Concrete parts for windmills on the rails

Precast concrete parts transported by the Rail Cargo Group for the Max Bögl Group are helping expand the wind farm in Pannonia-Gols and increase its green electricity output threefold.

Austria: ROLA price reductions on the Brenner axis

ROLA customers are benefitting from a reduction in the basic price as well as attractive round trip discounts. Making ROLA more attractive is another step towards shifting freight transport to rail.

CIT/UIC Conference of Passenger Claims Departments

Norway: New underpass replaces two unsecured level crossings

Spain: Renfe relaunches direct Ave connection between Granada and Barcelona beginning 5 October

Netherlands: ProRail happy with ambition for Groningen’s first hydrogen train

Meeting of the UIC Security Platform Steering Committee held online on 29 September

EU SHERPA project: second session of the international training on crisis management and business continuity held online on 23 September 2020

Staying on the right track: EU-funded project TER4RAIL highlights essential role of rail for sustainable mobility

UIC Africa region - African Railway Thursdays

1st Webinar: DIGITAL, Thursday, 1 October, 2020, 10 am - 12 am (GMT+1)

Obituary: Ivo Malina has passed away

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