5th Harmotrack Project Plenary Meeting

13-14 June 2022, University of Birmingham - Online (hybrid event)

5th UIC Harmotrack Project Plenary Meeting on 13-14 June 2022 at the University of Birmingham (Edgbaston Campus – Meeting room Y3-G33) from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Birmingham (United Kingdom).

Organised by SNCF Réseau and the UIC, with the support of Network Rail and the University of Birmingham, the fifth edition of the Harmotrack Project Plenary Meeting aims to spotlight the success of international collaboration among railway experts engaging to reach the goals of the Harmotrack project.

Bringing together more than 75 member companies and institutions with more than 200 international railway experts. It is present in more than 40 countries from 6 continents all around the globe. The Harmotrack Project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Establish an international benchmark to carry out a State of the Art of measurement techniques for dynamic responses (accelerations and forces);
  • Define the domain of use for the acceleration measurements;
  • Define representative/reliable indicators of track quality (increased vigilance, interventions, or slowdowns) based on accelerations for an improved network maintenance and simulation purpose;
  • Contribute to enhance safety and reduce costs on all networks by prioritising correction of track geometry defects, focusing on those with the most dangerous impact on vehicle dynamics; and
  • Propose these thresholds on accelerations in future international standards or technical recommendations.

For the first day the fifth plenary meeting, the morning session will highlight roundtable discussions tackling the challenges of railway operations, R&D, and innovation. This year, the roundtable discussion will feature high-level speakers coming from major global regions. One of the most important themes the event wants to highlight is the important role international collaboration plays in reaching a competitive and successful railway industry. Therefore, equal representation of international experts from across the globe is a must.

This year’s plenary meeting will be on the following topics:

  • Roundtable 1 - Challenges in safety and safe systems of work implementation, as a result of reduced access to maintain the network is leading to research and development into automated inspection and repair techniques. How is automation and data analysis are improving the maintenance regime, to improve safety and reduce service affecting failures.
  • Roundtable 2 - The introduction of technology into the rail industry has fell behind other industries. How important is the introduction of technology to enable significant improvements in passenger and freight experience? The has been a focus change in the usage of the rail as a result of the pandemic, with reduced commuting, but increased leisure use, how can technology be deployed to support these changes and enhance the passenger experience.

The afternoon session will feature technical discussions led by the SWG Leaders of the Harmotrack project. Since the creation of the project, SWGs have reached significant milestones and it is rather important to celebrate each milestone of the groups.

Furthermore, technical visits led by Network Rail and the University of Birmingham will be held on the second day of the event. The technical visits include the following locations:

Network Rail Infrastructure Monitoring Fleet - Loram UK

  • Located 10 minutes from the centre of Derby in the East Midlands, England, the Rail Technical Centre (RTC) is home to Loram UK where Network Rail’s Infrastructure Monitoring Vehicles are maintained. A hosted tour showcasing some of Network Rails Infrastructure Monitoring vehicles, where the equipment can be seen in a static, safe environment will be featured.

New Measurement Train (NMT) - Network Rail

  • The New Measurement Train is Network Rail’s flagship monitoring vehicle. It comprises of Track Geometry, OHL, Radio Survey, laser sweeping and a multitude of Visual imagery capabilities. The live measurement run will take you on board the vehicle allowing you to experience infrastructure monitoring at up to 125mph from Derby Railway Station alighting at London Euston.

Experiments Laboratory – MTC

  • The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) is located in Coventry, England and was established in 2010 as an independent Research & Technology Organisation (RTO) with the objective of bridging the gap between academia and industry. The MTC supports Network Rail significantly in current and future R&D.

UKKRIN – University of Huddersfield

  • The University of Huddersfield – situated in Huddersfield, England supports Network Rail with Vehicle/track interaction projects. With a state-of-the-art simulator, planning on providing significant insight into ride quality, the University of Huddersfield have a number of laboratories and extensive test facility to showcase R&D in the rail sector.

UKKRIN – Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education

  • BCRRE is Europe’s largest academic-based group that provides world-class research, education, and innovation to the global rail industry. With a tour route of approximately one hour long, simulation and timetable modelling laboratories plus Switches & Crossings, Power Electronics, Robotics and Pantograph testing facilities are to be demonstrated.

The technical visits are open to the public. However, please note that due to the limited slots of the technical visits, priorities will be given to the Harmotrack Project members.

Previous Plenary Meeting (click to zoom in):


The event will be held in English.


13–14 June 2022, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm


University of Birmingham (Edgbaston Campus – Meeting room Y3-G33), Birmingham (United Kingdom)


The full programme will be available soon.


Please note that:

  • The morning session (13th June) is open to the public;
  • The afternoon session (13th June) is exclusive for Harmotrack members only;
  • The technical visits (14th June) are open to the public. However, due to the limited slots of the technical visits, priorities will be given to the Harmotrack Project members.


For further information please contact Mr Danilo Sorrentino, Head of Vehicle-Track interaction section at SNCF Réseau, at danilo.sorrentino@reseau.sncf.fr or the Harmotrack Management Team at harmotrack@reseau.sncf.fr

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