Battery trains

UIC best practice workshop

UIC organised a new online two-hour workshop that dealt with strategies, experience and projects to reduce CO2 emissions and phase out the use of carbon intensive internal combustion engines and fossil fuels by switching to battery (and battery hybrid) powered traction systems.
The main objective is to understand what the current solutions and challenges are, for infrastructure managers, railway undertakings and suppliers to make that traction system available, accessible and green.
The workshop will take place on Wednesday the 19th of May, from 10h to 12h, Paris time.

- ARUP - Robert Davies
- Transport & Mobility Leuven - Christophe Heyndrickx
- Tucrail - Paul Tobback

- SNCF - François Degardin, Bogdan Vulturescu, Matthieu Renault, Benoît Gachet
- Siemens - Katrin Seeger
- Eaton - Akos Labady

After workshop update

Supporting slides:


- PDF - 7.3 Mb


Recording of the workshop:

Chat transcript:


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(2 hours) 10h – 12h, Coffee break 11h00.

-  Transport & Mobility Leuven
-  Tucrail

  • Break

- Siemens
- Eaton

  • Discussion, questions after each presentation


If you are interested to attend this workshop, please fill in the following form:
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For any additional information, please contact Sustainability advisor Philippe Stefanos

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Wednesday 7 April 2021