Energy & CO2 - Sector meeting & "Renewable energy integration in railways" Workshop

16-17 November 2022

Sector Meeting - 16 November 2022

Please note that the Energy&CO2 sector meeting is restricted to UIC members, if you want to participate as a guest, please get in touch with Sustainability advisor Philippe Stefanos

You can register to one or both events using the form below.
Delftseplein 27j,
3013 AA Rotterdam.
The Netherlands

"Renewable energy integration in railways" Workshop - 17 November 2022

The UIC Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions Sector is happy to invite you to take part in the workshop "Renewable energy integration in railways” that will be held on 17 November 2022.

Proposed as the continuation of “The role of Infrastructure Managers (IMs) in the traction energy transition” organised in 2019, this workshop will focus on the projects developed by IMs to integrate renewable energy supply in their grid as a way to improve energy efficiency and decarbonise traction energy.

Workshop highlights
The workshop is opened for speakers about projects on the following topics.

  • PV on buildings
  • PV on noise barriers
  • Connecting solar parks to AC and DC traction systems
  • Connecting wind energy to AC and DC traction systems
  • Hydropower
  • Renewable energy integration projects and best practices
  • To be defined: Visit

To be defined (Rotterdam or Delft)


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Monday 18 July 2022