New UIC FRMCS Training Schedule on FRMCS overview and FRMCS Engineering

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UIC GSM-R Engineering Overview: 5-6 March (Live Online) | Special Offer: Save 50%

Who would benefit
Those in or entering technical roles within the GSM-R industry who require a broad overview of the services, features and technology of GSM-R.

A basic understanding of cellular radio networks and railway signalling, as well as the ability to comprehend technical subjects, would be useful.

Course contents

  • Introduction to GSM and GSM-R Networks
  • GSM Network Architecture
  • GPRS Network Architecture
  • GSM-R Network Architecture
  • GSM-R Services
  • GSM-R Identities
  • GSM-R Coverage
  • Network Access
  • GSM-R Procedures
  • European Train Control System

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UIC FRMCS Overview: 12 March and 8 April (9am-5pm CET)

This course is aimed at non-technical people or those in management roles that need an introduction to FRMCS. It outlines the need for FRMCS and introduces the standards that are required. The course also discusses the issues with the current radio spectrum allocations and how FRMCS and GSM-R may co-exist in the rollout phase. Also discussed the technology known as 5G that will be an integral part of FRMCS.

Course contents

  • FRMCS – An Introduction
  • FRMCS Requirements
  • Spectrum Issues
  • FRMCS Reference
  • Architecture
  • 5G
  • Mission Critical Communications

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UIC FRMCS Engineering: 19-20 March and 20-21 May (9am-5pm CET)

GSM-R end of life is anticipated to be around 2030 which only leaves a few years to find a replacement system. The International Union of Railways (UIC) have published a document called FRMCS- Future Railway Mobile Communications System which outlines what will be required of a future system. The railway community have detailed the communications requirements of the future railway networks and are looking for telecommunications manufacturers and standards bodies to provide a suitable solution.

Attendees ideally will have a background in telecommunications gained from working in the railway industry and have technical knowledge of GSM-R.

Course contents

  • FRMCS – An Introduction
  • FRMCS Reference Architecture
  • FRMCS On-Board Architecture
  • FRMCS Addressing
  • Common Functions and Applications
  • 5G
  • The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
  • Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT)
  • Mission Critical Data (MCDATA)
  • Mission Critical Video (MCVIDEO)
  • Radio Spectrum and Coverage

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ERTMS / ETCS for Radio Engineers: 30 April-01 May (9am-5pm CET)

The European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is a major rail project underway in Europe. The aim is to replace the dissimilar train control systems used in various countries with a common system known as the European Train Control System (ETCS).

This course provides an overview of ETCS but focuses on how GSM-R with or without GPRS can be used as a bearer for ETCS signalling.

This self-paced on-demand distance learning course features illustrated course books, videos, tests and full tutor support.

Delegates attending this course should be familiar with the principles of GSM-R networks.

Course contents

  • ERTMS Standards and Legislation
  • Basic System Description
  • System Architecture
  • ERTMS Operating Modes
  • ERTMS/ETCS Protocols
  • Circuit Switched Signalling
  • Circuit Switched Connections
  • GPRS for ETCS
  • The GPRS Air Interface
  • GPRS Procedures
  • Transmission through the Network
  • Radio Network Optimization

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