Safety webinar "Objects left on the Line"

8 November 2023 1:00pm to 4:30pm CET, online

The UIC is pleased to invite you to a safety webinar "Objects left on the Line" to be held online on 8 November 2023 from 1:00pm to 4:30pm CET.

To keep railways in the safest condition, regular maintenance and renewal of the infrastructure is essential. Maintenance work often involves large mechanised plant and equipment. But it is critical to separate that maintenance plant by either time or space from operational passenger and freight trains. 

When work is complete, it is vital to remove any plant and equipment that could damage or even derail trains. Recent high-profile accidents have highlighted how procedures to keep maintenance plant separate from trains and clear the line afterwards, especially those that depend on human reliability, can fail. This “Objects left on the Line” webinar will share knowledge about the risks and effective mitigation (including technology).

UIC task forces and working groups are asked to support this webinar thorough their efforts to collate international data, evaluate trends, analyse root causes, and deliver valuable insights.


Welcoming words

  • Ali Chegini (RSSB) & Frédéric Hénon (UIC)

1st session: Risk assessment (13:05 – 13:55)

  • What is the significance of the risk of objects on the line?
    • Speaker: Frédéric Hénon (UIC)
  • Are railways aware of size of this risk and have they identified their priorities?
    • Speaker: Marcus Dacre (RSSB)
  • I’m safer and I know it // Geolocated Asset Management
    • Speaker: Kurt Van Ruyskensvelde (Infrabel)

2nd session: Maintenance activities (13:55 – 14:40)

  • Introductory session
    • Speaker: Ali Chegini (RSSB) & Frédéric Hénon (UIC)
  • What processes and arrangements are in place to ensure the line is free of objects ?
    • Speaker: Damien Pallant (SNCF Réseau)
  • How can we minimise large animal incursions and collisions ?
    • Speaker: Malgorzata Kopczynska (PLK S.A.)

3rd session: Lessons learned (14:40 – 15:25)

  • Introductory session
    • Speaker: Ali Chegini (RSSB)
  • Two trains crash into construction crane in Voorschoten (April 2023)
    • Speaker: Bart Hoogcarspel (Prorail)

4th session : Innovative solutions (15:25 – 16:10)

  • Introductory session
    • Speaker: Ali Chegini (RSSB) & Frédéric Hénon (UIC)
  • What cutting edge, technological solutions are available to manage these risks ?
    • Speaker: Darryl Hopper (RSSB)
  • How can we use the AI to develop better risk insights and help improve safety on the line ? AI uses cases in railway maintenance.
    • Speaker: Ignacio Jardi (Ferrovial)

Questions & Answers (16:10 – 16:25)

Closing words

Webinar - questions & answers

- PDF - 153 kb



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