The Role of Infrastructure Managers in Traction Energy Transition

UIC Workshop on Energy Efficiency

UIC organised, on 11 February 2019, the first Energy Efficiency workshop of 2019, dedicated to the role of Infrastructure Managers (IMs) in the energy transition regarding traction energy supply.
It took place in Rotterdam.

UIC’s dedicated e-News article including photos of the speakers is available in the e-News issue 635:

Thank you for attending this workshop and exchanging interesting information.
Huge thanks to all of the speakers (mentioned in the timeline) for their contribution and also to:
- Gerald Olde Monnikhof (first for hosting and managing logistics at ProRail)
- Chloé Lima-Vanzeler
- Bart Van der Spiegel
each, both for their great insight about the suggested topics and preparing the conduct of the workshop.


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Following the previous Workshop on Infrastructure’s energy efficiency;
This workshop has focused on the projects developed by IMs to improve energy efficiency and decarbonisation of the traction energy and to accompany railway undertakings to reduce the use of diesel traction. Thus, this workshop has also focused on the energy storage innovations and their best combination with the railway network.
Finally, actors from the energy market have also been invited to talk about their point of view in the frame of optimising the electricity network with Railways for renewable energy.

You will find below, the attached Invitation and the planned topics to be presented during the workshop.


The timeline of the workshop is displayed below.
Please check the attached pdf file for more detailed information.


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Slides will be added after an approval for sharing has been received from each speaker

- 10:30 - Sign in reception at the 9th floor. Delftseplein 27j, 3013 AA, Rotterdam. (You will be given directions to the room)

- 11:00 - Welcome
- 11:05 - Introduction - Bart Van der Spiegel, Infrabel [1]

- 11:15 - Improving traction system

  • Higher voltages for OCL
    • Transition from 1.5 kV to 3 kV - Fedor ten Harve, ProRail [2]
    • Transition from 3 kV to 2x25 kV: lessons from the past years - Koen De Gussemé, Infrabel [3]
  • Norwegian experience - Energy efficiency and cost reducing measures in the railway electricity network
    Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen, Bane NOR [4]
  • New Direct Current Medium Voltage railway electrification system - Hervé Caron, SNCF [5]
  • Supra-conductor cable for reduced energy losses during transport - Guillaume Escamez, Nexans & SNCF [6]

- 12:35 - Lunch

- 13:45 - Energy storage

  • Different energy storage options (also for regenerative braking) - Akos Labady, Eaton [7]
  • Development of batteries for substations - Jos Blom, Super-B [8]
  • SNCF experience with on ground energy storage and Reversible substation “Massena project” - Bogdan Vulturescu, SNCF [9]
  • Integrating renewables and energy storage in the traction energy infrastructure - Koen De Gussemé, Infrabel [10]

- 15:15 - Coffee Break

- 15:30 - Replacing diesel traction by less emitting traction systems

  • How to define the best configuration for a new/renewed line (energy in TCO)?
    A cross-company collaborative work
    Jean François Tremong, SNCF [11]
  • SBB experience about hybrid, hydrogen and battery systems - Matthias Rücker, SBB [12]
  • Hydrogen refueling facilities - Patrick Lafontaine, Advanced Energy technologies [13]

- 16:15 - External point of view

  • Point of view from DSO or TSO: Balancing changing market with more renewable and more need of storage; possible roles for railway
    Theo Voskuilen, Alliander [14]

- 17:00 - End of the Workshop


For any further information, please contact UIC Energy Advisor Philippe STEFANOS at

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Delftseplein 27j, 9th floor
3013 AA Rotterdam.


Slides will be added after an approval for sharing has been received from each speaker

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Tuesday 8 January 2019