UIC African Railway Thursdays - 9th webinar "Serving passenger needs through innovation"

27 October 2022

UIC African Railway Thursdays:
Bimonthly webinars dedicated to activities and projects of the UIC and UIC Africa.


27 October 2022, 11h-14h CET (French Time)

Online on Zoom


English and French.


Official Opening : 11h – 11h20
Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie, Chairman UIC Africa, UIC Vice-Chairman
Mr François Davenne, UIC Director General

Mohamed Rabie Khlie
Mohamed Rabie Khlie
François Davenne
François Davenne

Keynote : 11h20 – 11h55

  • Results of TaskForce UIC COVID 19 , Vanessa Perez UIC
  • Presentation of the study Boosting passenger preference for rail , Philippe Lorand UIC
Vanessa Pérez
Vanessa Pérez
Philippe Lorand
Philippe Lorand

Railway network experiences Part 1 | 11h55 – 13h35

  • How to improve attractiveness on rail travel , Yasunari Nakajima, JR EAST
  • Overview of digital evolution in Europe , Stefano Scarci, EY
  • ONCF network experience
  • benerail’s moove_api & General sales platform , Michel Mommens, Benerail
  • Renaissance of Night Trains in Europe , Sven Pöllauer, ÖBB

Closing remarks : 13h35– 14h45
Saïd Chandid, UIC Africa Regional Office


PPT presentations

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Tuesday 27 September 2022