UIC Alternative fuels Workshop

Note: Members of the Sustainability Platform will also be able to join the Plenary meeting that will be held on the 10th of June in UIC.


  • 10 June - UIC Sustainability Platform plenary meeting
  • 11 June - UIC Alternative fuels workshop
  • 12 June - UIC Energy & CO2 Sector meeting

UIC Alternative fuels workshop - 11 June 2024

The UIC Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions Sector is happy to invite you to take part in the workshop "Alternative fuels” that will be held on 11 June 2024, 09:30-17:00 (indicative).

Preliminary agenda:

  • HVO & FAME tests outcomes, Lineas
  • Study on greenhouse gas and Nitrogen oxides from biofuels, Ricardo/ProRail
  • Biofuels for track maintenance, Plasser & Theurer
  • Use of B100 at SNCF
  • HVO use at DB Cargo (TBC)
  • Speaker slot available

UIC Members are also invited to stay the following day to share and talk UIC projects in the frame of the Energy & CO2 Sector meeting.

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The energy transition triggered to decarbonise the sector continue posing a big challenge to the entire automotive sector.
This workshop is proposed as a continuation to exploring projects/research developed by the rail sector to integrate renewable and cleaner fuels. Thefore, the idea is to share to understand how each fuel alternative improves or sustain energy delivery (& power), and at the same time reduce exhaust emissions and decarbonise traction energy.

The workshop is opened for speakers about projects on the following topics.

Main topic is “Alternative fuels for combustion engines” (ICE Alt fuels): Ammonia, synthetic and biofuels FAME or HVO (fuels that can replace diesel without heavy modifications for both passenger, freight and work trains).

Note that since Hydrogen and Battery trains workshops were held previously, it is not the main target but still welcome when regarding transition rolling stock (hybrid/ dual.tri-mode).


• Actual alternative fuels
• Fuel supply and availability
• The alternatives and legislation
• New systems for rail transportation
• Emissions and reporting
• Possibilities and learnings with the use of alternative fuels
• Engines compatibility and innovation


UIC Energy & CO2 Sector Meeting - 12 June 2024

Please note that the Energy & CO2 Sector meeting is restricted to UIC members, if you want to participate as a guest, please get in touch with Sustainability advisor Philippe Stefanos

You can register to one or both events using the form below.


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