Due to an extension of its scope, RailTopoModel is now known as RailSystemModel. The official reference page for RailTopoModel / RailSystemModel can be found at https://rsm.uic.org. This page is maintained for historical purposes and reflects the publication of RailTopoModel 1.1 in November 2017.


We are pleased to release RailTopoModel 1.1. RailTopoModel is both a UIC project and the name of a universal, scalable representation of the railway network. RailTopoModel version 1.0 has been released as IRS30100 in April 2016, and is free for research, commercial or operational usage.

With the present maintenance release 1.1, no new functions or concepts have been introduced; the design has been cleaned up, resulting in a number of small changes. These changes ensure the future-proofing of RailTopoModel, and will improve the robustness of any developments built upon it.

We would like to thank the contributors to this maintenance release, and in particular the UIC Members who funded the project since 2014, as well as the partners and early adopters who provided their needs and feedback.

The documents provided here under are the class diagrams (pdf), the revision notes and the full list of changes. The background information provided by IRS30100 remains valid, but for the small changes introduced. For users, RailTopoModel will soon be made available also in xmi and eap formats.

Contact: Pierre Tane

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Friday 10 November 2017