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SDG Rail Index project

The SDG Rail Index is a new tool being designed for and with the global rail community. The previously named ‘Eco-scoring’ tool will provide the UIC members with a unique rating system and a supportive digital platform based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations to assess the performance of each railway based on a selection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The SDG Rail Index will provide UIC members with:

  • a reporting system on each individual company’s and the whole sector’s contribution to the achievement of SDGs, featuring benchmarks and best practices,
  • improved access to green bonds and sustainable finance instruments.


All UIC members are invited to take part in this global project. Members will be invited to use and test the tool, input real data reporting on their sustainability performance, take part in the working group discussions and help shape the IT development of the tool by providing details on the specific requirements to be met.

Data provided will be kept in the strictest confidence and only anonymous aggregated data will be shared.

The project is steered by a working group, chaired by Paolo Mazzeo of Ferrovie dello Stato.


A materiality assessment was carried out by the project working group against all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This established which of the goals were most directly aligned to the activities and applicability of rail and the work of the UIC Sustainability Platform. This exercise resulted in the consensus selection of 7 SDGs, for which rail can make the biggest demonstrable contribution including:

Corresponding to these 7 goals, a set of 24 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) was developed for 2020; these consist of both quantitative figures and qualitative questions. Based upon these 24 KPIs, a ‘questionnaire’ including guidance and referencing was drafted and used to develop the BETA version of the online self-assessment functionality presented at the December 2020 UIC General Assembly.


In 2020:

  • Materiality assessment resulting in an endorsed shortlist of 7 SDGs
  • A set of qualitative and Quantitative KPIs
  • Weighting and scoring methodologies developed
  • Market research on sustainability reporting tools
  • Consultation with the Global Reporting Initiative
  • Link made to project to create new IRS – Environmental Reporting to provide detailed guidance on the KPIs
  • 6 members completed the questionnaire providing data to test the new scoring methodology
  • New name and logo/brand development ‘SDG Rail Index’
  • BETA version of new Online Self-Assessment reporting platform developed and submitted at UIC General Assembly of December 2020

Planned in 2021:

  • Consultation with the World Bank
  • Beta version tool testing and refinement of data reporting capability
  • Development of sector benchmark
  • Development of scoring functionality based on the KPIs and scoring methodology
  • Presentation of scoring functionality at UIC General Assembly of December 2021

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Thursday 26 August 2021