Achievements to be highlighted

  • Train to Paris - COP21
  • UIC Sustainability Conference 2016


General context of the business activity

Considered as one of the main global challenges the world is facing today, sustainable development should address the question of transport, and UIC and its members must demonstrate how rail can be part of the solution to the challenges.

Awareness of rail transport’s role as a key factor in achieving sustainable development and reducing the effects of climate change has increased enormously in recent years, among civil society, citizens and decision makers.

We have built some constructive links of cooperation between the different actors worldwide dealing with these issues, but collective efforts must go on.

In order to help its members to improve their sustainable development performance (in
terms of environmental, social and economic impacts) UIC offers its members its expertise on sustainability issues and its experience working in close cooperation with high-level
stakeholders, as for example in the UN frame­work or with other important and worldwide organisations.

Together with its members, UIC continues its efforts to daily promote the benefits of rail in order to meet the global challenges of mobility and sustainable development and to communicate the sustainable development advantages of the railway sector.

Reference to how the business is organised

The work is governed by the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Platform, an open
meeting for members which takes place twice a year. There is also a Core Group to provide strategic direction, and five working groups (Emissions, Noise, Energy & CO2, Sustainable Land Use, Sustainable Mobility).

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