EcoTransIT World

The calculation of energy consumption and emission data of a worldwide transport chain can be done rather quickly with the help of EcoTransIT World.

EcoTransIT World compares the energy consumption, CO2 and exhaust atmospheric emissions for planes, cars and trains (and trucks). The methodology behind the calculations is sound scientific, focusing on a life cycle approach to the energy involved, and approved by the European Environment Agency.

EcoTransIT World is fed with the best available data for all modes, and developed in cooperation with Ifeu (the German Institute for Environment and Energy) and technical providers of European routing systems and software, Hacon and IVE mbH (routing system and software).

EcoTransIT World includes rail data from the new UIC energy and CO2 database. EcoTransIT World does not only calculate the energy or the fuel it takes to run the train, car or the plane. The calculations include the emissions from the cumulative energy consumption (as seen below) including the energy used to produce the electricity or the fuel, in a “well-to-wheel” perspective.

EcoTransIT World tool was originally developed by a consortium of the five European railways FS, SNCF, SBB, DB and Green Cargo.

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