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Definition: A country’s DIUM (Uniform Distance Table for International Freight Traffic) comprises various data concerning international rail freight transport used by Railway Undertakings (RU) and customers to complete the CIM consignment note/CUV wagon note in order to calculate the tax payable on a journey, as well as other helpful commercial and/or technical information for these journeys. The DIUM is published periodically in electronic format by the Railway Undertakings (RUs) concerned.
UIC leaflet 219 lays down the conditions for publishing this electronic data: Structure of the Excel and PDF files: format & requirements for creating the file and model. Transmission of the data to UIC (timescale). Distribution of the electronic data. List of publications and the RUs responsible for publishing them. A list of abbreviations is available at the end of this leaflet.
UIC Extranet: This page includes only national DIUM tables in PDF-format. tables in EXCEL format are available on the UIC Extranet. DIUM Working group members can directly upload, updates between two editions, to the UIC Extranet.

UIC leaflet 219 is available on www.shop-etf.com

DIUM July 2018 (2018-07-01)

AT Austria Österreich Autriche
BE Belgium Belgien Belgique
BG Bulgaria Bulgarien Bulgarie
CH Switzerland Schweiz Suisse
CZ Czech Republic Tschechische Republik République Tchèque
DE Germany Deutschland Allemagne
DK Denmark Dänemark Danemark
ES Spain Spanien Espagne
FI Finland Finnland Finlande
FR France Frankreich France
GB United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich Royaume-Uni
GR Greece Griechenland Grèce
HR Croatia Kroatien Croatie
HU Hungary Ungarn Hongrie
IT Italy Italien Italie
LT Lithuania Litauen Lituanie
LU Luxembourg Luxemburg Luxembourg
MK Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of) Mazedonien (ehemalige jugoslawische Republik) Macédoine (Ex-République yougoslave de)
NL Netherlands Niederlande Pays-bas
PL Poland Polen Pologne
RO Romania Rumänien Roumanie
RS Serbia Serbie Serbien
SE Sweden Schweden Suède
SI Slovenia Slowenien Slovénie
SK Slovakia Slowakei Slovaquie
UA Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine