3rd African Rail Digital Congress - Digital: a revolution, a challenge for the railway value chain

May 28 to 30, 2024 - Yaoundé - Cameroon


Digital can increase safety, reliability, profitability and the customer experience.
Why hold this Congress in Africa?

  • Because UIC is convinced that there is a real opportunity to develop rail in Africa,
  • Because rail must become (or become again) the backbone of land-based mobility, for both passengers and goods. This is an obvious necessity if we are to adapt to climate change.

Digitization will offer African economies an important means of making considerable progress, both in industry and in services. New technologies will provide innovative solutions for the development of railways, which combine both industry and services.
The African Union (AU) has adopted "Agenda 2063" for rail development in Africa. Africa’s Integrated Rail Network is a flagship project of Agenda 2063, which aims to integrate Africa physically and economically.

After the 1st African Digital Railway Summit in Cape Town, "Africa: the future digital continent" in 2019, the UIC organized the 2nd African Digital Railway Congress, "Accelerating digital transformation in Africa: what challenges for rail?", in Tunis in 2022.

Digital is a revolution, a challenge for the railway value chain.
Digital can increase safety, reliability, profitability and customer experience.

This congress will:

  • define the future of digital rail for the Continent;
  • bring together rail stakeholders, politicians, industry representatives, rail experts, economists, universities, and digital ecosystems;
  • identify major projects to be launched;
  • support the coordination of activities aligned with the aspirations of the African Union Commission’s (AUC) Agenda 2063 for the rail sector;
  • encourage the design and development of a truly African digital rail strategy;
  • define the level of maturity of digital rail in Africa.


Sponsorships with the participation of investors.


150 participants expected


French & English


Hilton Hotel, Yaoundé


The list of hotels will be available soon



Maria Lafont, lafont@uic.org
Christine Hassoun, hassoun@uic.org

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Tuesday 10 October 2023