General context of the business activity

The UIC Rail System Forum has merged the domain of Technology with that of Infrastructure and ERTMS.

Key challenges facing this business

  1. Cooperation between the five railway system sectors: Rolling Stock, Train Track Interaction, Track and Structure, Energy Management and Control Command Signalling and Operations
  2. Translating the results of the various UIC and EU research projects directly into technical and operational standards,
  3. Reducing “time to market” in the process of updating UIC standards,
  4. Finding a good way of cooperating with other standardisation organisations and the railway manufacturers in the various domains of railway standardisation.

Achievements to be highlighted

EuropeTrain – Perspective for the final homologation of LL brake blocks based on the current results of EuropeTrain

INESS - The INESS project has defined and developed specifications for a new generation of interlocking systems Reference to how the business is organised
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The aim is not to present the whole administrative or organi­sational structure but to highlight the content of the business.

INESS Final Conference on 2 February 2012 in Paris

10th UIC ERTMS World Conference from 24 until 26 April 2012 in Stockholm

RIVAS Mid-Term Conference on 25 and 26 October 2012 in Venice

Reference to how the business is organised

The Rail System Forum with its five sectors is trying to increase the competitiveness as compared to other modes of transport, while taking into account the Railway System as a whole.

The five sectors of RSF include:

  • Track and Structures
  • Train Track Interaction
  • Control, Command, Signalling and Operations (CCS & OP)
  • Energy Management and Rolling Stock

Informative key facts relating to the business for external communication

  • 541 Leaflets today in force at UIC of which 398 Leaflets belong to the group “Rail Technology” and are under the responsibility of the Rail System Forum
  • 40% of total European railway bridge stock is masonry arch and 60% of those are over 100 years old.

Workspace titles

Asset Management, Control Command Signalling & Operations, Energy Manage­ment, GSM-R, Market & Development, Rolling Stock, Track & Structure, Train Track Interaction.


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