UIC Digital Awards 2017

6 December 2017 in Paris

UIC - the worldwide railway organisation, launched its first UIC DIGITAL AWARDS in 2016.

Together with its Members, railway companies, and through establishing ties with digital stakeholders, UIC is giving you the opportunity to shape the future of mobility!

The UIC Digital Awards in November 2016 – the first Awards in the digital field to be presented by the International Union of Railways (UIC) – seek to recognise the sharing of knowledge between railway companies and start-ups.

These Digital Awards should open new perspectives to the railway sector and to future mobility due to the innovative and creative nature of start-up companies.

Hence, the slogan of this edition is “Start-ups! Together let’s shape the future of Mobility. UIC is your smart partner, Join the Ecosystem.”


For any further information please contact: Francis Bédel

UIC Digital Awards 2016

Winners 2017 (by category)

Research and Application Innovation Center for Big Data Technology in Railway {PDF}
Zhongtieke Software Technology Co Ltd {PDF}
Vivanoda {PDF}

Special mention Health at work
Kaia Health {PDF}

Other presentations

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Tuesday 3 October 2017